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  • About the Studio

    Based in Toronto Canada, Norm Li creates Renderings, Animation and Interactive experiences for the real estate development and design industry. We take pride in our reputation for providing clients with exceptional service and beautiful visualizations.
    Equipped with strong architectural backgrounds and design sensibilities, our team of artists and visualization experts can help provide visual clarity at all stages of a project – from schematic design all the way through to marketing campaigns.

    • Norm Li


    • Yusef Frasier

      Director of Innovation

    • Christophe Chevallier

      Director of Art

    • Karen Choi

      Director of Operations

    • Kate Clegg

      Director of Finance Administration

    • Kimberly Valmeo

      Director of Marketing

    • Brian Lee

      Studio Director, Architecture

    • Terry Sin

      Studio Director, Architecture

    • Phil Ryan

      Studio Director, Architecture

    • Shelton Foo

      Studio Director, Architecture

    • Eadaoin Dempsey

      Team Lead, Entourage

    • Katherine Borsato

      Project Manager

    • Anna Nguyen

      Project Coordinator

    • Barry O'Connor

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Enthia Poon

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Galen Jones

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Greg Przezdziecki

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Joe Zhao

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Joseph Nguyen

      Artist, Entourage & Post-Production

    • Karan Manchanda

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Katrina Cristobal

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Kenneth Kalynuik

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Krystal Lee

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Lauren Tom

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Bartosz Palus

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Natalia Osmolovskaya

      Artist, Entourage

    • Rajkumari Sawant

      Architectural Illustrator

    • Ramin Movasagh

      Artist, Interactive

    • Tristan Melendreras

      IT Support & Systems Administrator

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