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Translating your vision requires an enormous degree of frank, honest, and constructive collaboration. That’s why we put so much energy into building trust and transparency with our clients. We’re here to make you look good.


In the words of the great Sir Francis Bacon, knowledge is power. We’ll familiarize ourselves with your project by reviewing your project’s scope, the required deliverables and all reference materials (ie. CAD Drawings, moodboards, precedent information, etc.)

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Teamwork makes the dream work. We take a very serious approach in designating the right mix of talent to your project. Like the 2019 Raptors lineup, our roster is deep with creatives that specialize in different areas. Using the information gathered during the Project Discovery, we’ll assemble your team based on your project’s requirements and overall direction.

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Kick off

At this stage, we’re armed and ready to have a constructive conversation with your team. Together, we’ll discuss your project and desired outcomes. We’ll also cover housekeeping items like specifying roles and responsibilities on both sides and review the project schedule.

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Visual Content

Let’s rock and roll. Guided by past conversations and present knowledge, we’ll get to work creating and iterating the visual assets needed to take your project past the idea phase. Here, collaboration is key: your feedback is pivotal in bringing these assets to the finish line.

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It’s not pizza, but it’s just as hot. Finals are packaged, sent and ready for prime time.

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Post Mortem

In the spirit of #alwaysbetter, we’re always looking for feedback on how we did and what we can do better. Once your project wraps up, we’ll be in touch to gather insight on your experience on working with us.

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Southbank by Beulah, Australia
Client: UNStudio
Painting a powerful picture


To us, buildings and spaces aren’t just about the structural form — it’s the stories that happen within them. We’ll help you tell yours.

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Rosedale Private Residences
Client: Truong Ly Design
Motion Matters


In development marketing, dynamic content is a critical piece of any digital and social marketing strategy. It scores better both in user engagement and search rankings. Our cinematic approach to creating animation & videos have led the charge for numerous development and design campaigns.

More Animation
One Delisle
Client: Slate Developments / RAD Marketing
Now you see it


Our interactive solutions deliver experiences that captivate and motivate. With a strong focus on utility over complexity, our bespoke solutions engage and trigger action.

More Interactive
Client: OHS Global/Navigate Design
Quiet on set


#normandthegang takes a collaborative approach in producing videos, partnering up with the best teams in town to deliver eye catching content. From storyboarding to editing to motion design — we can help at every stage.

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St. Phillips Bakery
Client: Truong Ly Design
Picture perfect


With a focus on aerial, interior and neighbourhood photography, our team of shooters capture moments that enhance your project marketing.

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Testimonial Highlight

[#normandthegang] approached each rendering as collaborators - equally interested in understanding the design intent as they are with strengthening it. More than just creating a beautiful image, they captured the spirit of the future we aim to build.