Same same, but better:
Norm Li Brand Remix

Friday March 5, 2021

You know that feeling when you get a new haircut?
Or when you hear your favourite song remastered?
Sometimes, a little update goes a long way.

The Norm Li brand has stood out as one of the strongest brands in the Architectural Visualization space (thanks to the Vanderbrand team!) But as we evolve into more than just a rendering studio, and as we hone in on what makes us…us, we knew that a little brand refresh was necessary in order to make sure our brand reflected how our studio is evolving.

The most notable change to our branding is the adoption of a more vibrant palette, thoughtfully selected to reflect the vision and culture of #normandthegang. With a focus on growth, energy and creativity, this new palette is now perfectly aligned with the mindset and personality of our team — our greatest asset and the backbone of our success.

Our website was remixed to reflect the progression of Norm Li as a visual content studio for the Real Estate Development, Architecture and Design industry. 

Our 2021 demo reel also followed suit, highlighting Norm Li’s evolution and showcasing the full range of our capabilities.

2020 was quite the year. Even in the face of COVID, our team created some pretty stellar work…we added a few new tricks to our bag as well. In a nod to our colourful personalities and diverse backgrounds, we decided to remix our branding to match.

I’m pleased to present Norm Li 4.0

Norm Li, Principal, #normandthegang