Virtual Tours by Norm Li

Norm Li’s proprietary virtual tour platform empowers leasing teams with a tool to help tenants discover and explore their future workplace from the comfort of their home.

Benefits– Allows leasing teams the ability to showcase spaces virtually- Web-based platform gives leasing teams the opportunity to increase sales and marketing reach- Gives future tennants the power to consider, deliberate and share the experience 
How It Works1. Our artists will work with your team to visualize your space (No design? No problem! We can fill in the gaps)2. Once final, our interactive team will create an online platform to host the entire experience. A URL of the experience will be generated and shared with your leasing team3. Leasing team can use/share/distribute the link as they please
Features– Showcase a multitude of options: finish schemes, furniture options, view backplates, etc.- Presenter mode: allows for a guided experience; viewers can control what others are seeing in real time, highlight specific areas of interest, etc- Admin Panel allows leasing teams to gather useful data (ie. which areas viewers frequent, which finish schemes they view the most, etc.)