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VR Tours by #normandthegang

Move freely. Switch schemes. Share the experience. Enhance your digital sales strategy and showcase unbuilt spaces from anywhere, at anytime.

#normandthegang’s VR Tours gives marketing & sales teams confidence in adapting a digital-centric approach when it comes to Real Estate development marketing. Exclusively available to our partners, our VR Tours fosters engagement and drives action.


Proprietary Platform

Reason #1: Made in house

Developed solely by our team, our VR Tours are created with quality, accessibility and utility in mind.

Scheme Changer

Reason #2: Switch it up

Discover design options. Ponder. Share.
Rinse and repeat.

Virtual Collaboration

Reason #3: A powerful virtual presentation tool

Create a meeting, share the code and guide your guests throughout the space.

What’s the difference?

Our platform offers all the features a standard VR Tour offers + exclusive features our team developed

Standard Features
  • Freedom of movement
  • Accessible on any web-enabled device
  • Bird’s Eye View
  • Navigation Map
Exclusive Features
  • Proprietary platform made by #normandthegang
  • Scheme Selector
  • Collaboration Tool

Try it out.

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