1. When can you start a project?
    • 3 things need to happen before we get started: approval of quote, confirmation of your timeslot in our schedule and receipt of all reference materials. From there, our project management team will be in touch to set up a Kick-off Meeting.
  2. What are your timelines?
    • Renderings
      1-6 images: 5 weeks
      7+ images: 8+ weeks
    • Animation
      6-8 weeks
      (timing is based on complexity, requirements (ie. green screen, motion graphics, etc.)
    • Interactive
      We offer a variety of interactive solutions so timelines vary. Contact us for more details
    • Video
      We offer a broad range of video solutions that vary in complexity depending on your goals. Contact us for more details
    • Photography
      Aerial (Air Norm photography): timelines vary and are dependent on helicopter booking. If your site is in Toronto, there's a chance we may already have the photo you're looking for. Contact [email protected] with your site details
      For lifestyle and/or interior photography: Contact us for more details
  3. What happens if we need more time to comment?
    • We ask that you do your best to get back to us in 48 hours or less — this ensures that we can meet your milestones and deadlines. For us, it’s all about having enough time to provide you our best effort. Prolonged response times may reduce the number of previews or delay final delivery of your visual content. However, if you know that you will need more time at the beginning of the project (due to multiple decision makers, etc.) we can accommodate, as long as it is understood that it may lengthen the timeline
  4. Once feedback is provided, when can we see a next preview?
    • We do our best in providing an updated preview anywhere between 1-4 days from the time feedback is received. However, this time frame may be longer for more complex revisions. #normandthegang will always communicate timing ahead of time!
  5. Is there a limit on preview rounds?
    • Yes, although the number of rounds of previews vary depending on the visual content we're producing.
      Our process allows you and your team the ability to see multiple previews while keeping our team focused on the quality of our work. When it comes to comments, we expect you to be as thorough in providing them as you would expect us to be in capturing them. 
      For each preview, there is no limits on the number of comments you can make so long as it adheres to the work completed within that preview*. 
      Having said that, if you know in advance that you will require additional flexibility in previews, notify us and we can discuss how to best accommodate your needs.
      *Please contact us for more details.
  6. What if I need my visual content sooner than the proposed delivery date?
    • To get the best results, our team needs the appropriate amount of time. It’s always our goal to make you look good! Having said that, there are a few things we can do to expedite the process:
      • Ensure communication between our team and yours is concise and quick. The more responsive our clients are to the proof issued, the quicker we can get to working on the changes
      • Reduce the number of preview rounds
      • Refine the overall scope
      • For projects with multiple images, discussion of phasing out delivery of visual content is an option
  7. Help! I need an image done pronto. Can you help?
    • Emergency requests will be accepted on a per case basis and will be assessed based on our available capacity