Seeing what others can’t:
Air Norm Aerial Photography


Air Norm is to photography as canning is to produce. Sometimes you really need that beautiful summery shot — in January.

Air Norm was started in a bid to help our clients before they even knew they needed it. Using our market intelligence, our team curates an annual list of projects scheduled to go to market. 

And then we jump in a chopper

This thoughtful approach gives us access to sunny, green backdrops for use in project visualizations, no matter what season (you’re welcome!)

No 31 Condominiums by Lanterra Developments
The Buckingham, Vandyk Properties
55 Mercer, Centrecourt Developments

While our shots have been used extensively throughout many of Toronto’s development projects, they’ve also come to serve as a historical archive of our rapidly growing city from 2017 onward.